Building a Greenhouse and Useful Information

Constructing a Greenhouse

Creating a greenhouse, is not an easy task. Many factors are involved in creating a structure. Below are descriptions, tips, and ideas for creating the perfect house.


Types of Greenhouses

Attached- an attached/lean to greenhouse

Does not require four walls

Less expensive and lighter

Good for growing herbs, seedlings, and small vegetables

 Freestanding- Stand alone

Can be placed anywhere

More expensive- lasts longer

Can start plants in January and February

Lower Cost per plant

Glazing – covering around greenhouse frame

 Let’s sunlight/warmth in

Glass best glazing/most expensive

Plastic Sheeting– works well and is inexpensive

Polycarbonate– less expensive and lightweight

Site Selection

Closer to garden/more use

Maximum exposure to the sun

Should have access to water and electricity

East- West summer sun exposure

At least 6 hours of direct sunlight during winter

Adequate drainage

Environmental Effects

 Heating- Cold climate, insulate house

Use heat lamps 220 volt

Warm climate- ventilation

Solar heaters

Ventilation Hand cranked or mechanical

Fans can keep air moving

 Electric and temperature sensitive vents

Shading – reduces the amount of summer sunlight

 Can be polypropylene, plastic, cloth, wood, aluminum

Can have paint on materials

 Keeps plants from becoming burned

 Pests- insects that can ruin plant production


Cabbage Worms

Asparagus Beetle


Gray Mold



Apple Scabs

Corn Smut

Club Root