Explanation of Fog Cooling Process and Cooling Information

Fog Cooling

Fogging systems are best used for large/ commercial types of green houses. This system is designed for high-pressure water forced through nozzles. The nozzle then produces tiny droplets that scatter into the air and cool down the vegetation inside of greenhouse. This allows plants and the temperature around them to lower.greenhousechiller-fog-13

Fogging is a delicate system that requires certain temperatures, and specific to create a cooling system. Fog systems consist of pumps, nozzles and water purification system. The maintenance of these components are crucial to lower temperatures. The high pressure system pumps can deliver water at 1,000-2,000 psi. The pumps are then connected to the fog nozzles. The fog nozzles are stainless steel and release superfine fog droplets. The nozzles can generate five billion drops per second and can range of 10 microns in diameter. These nozzles can have an orifice dimeter of five to seven thousandths of an inch. The water streams out of the orifice, hits an impaction pin and breaks the water droplets. The controlling of the fog is controlled by solenoid valve. A solenoid valve is controlled by an electric current through a two-port valve that switches on and off. The high pressure pump can be controlled with a drive or humidity sensor.greenhousechiller-fog-12

Some fogging systems can combine compressed air and water.  In this process the compressed air collides with water inside the nozzles. The two part stream moves through the nozzle at an accelerated speed and collides with the impact surface.  Pressures for the combined systems can be 100 psi for air and 65 psi for water. Nozzle diameters are between 75 and 100 thousandths of an inch. Extruded water, leaving the system, is measured at 1 micron or less. These dual systems are controlled by a building automation system. A building automation system, is an automatic centralized control of a building heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and other systems.